Gemstone Cutting Factory - Rough and Cut Precious Stones

    • Rough Gemstones - Tansanite

      Rough precious stones - Tansanite

    • Gemstones - Rhodolite (rough stones)

      Garnet (Rhodolite) - Rough Precious Stones

    • Gemstones - Topaz (Blue Topaz)

      Topaz (Blue Topaz) - Rough Precious Stones

    • Rough Gemstones - Tansanite

      Tansanite - Rough Stones

    • Gemstones - Aquamarine (Rough Stones)

      Aquamarine - Rough Stones

    • Amethyst - Rough Stones

      Rough Precious Stones - Amethyst

    • Topaz (Blue Topaz) - Rough Stones

      Rough Precious Stones - Topaz (Blue Topaz)

    • Rutilated Quartz - Rough Stone

      Rutilated Quartz - Rough Stone

    • Rough Gemstone - Sunstone

      Rough Stones - Sunstone

  • Precious Stones - Rough Gemstones

    Here we present rough gemstones processed in our gemstone cutting factory in Kirschweiler. It is impossible to show all kinds of gemstones in different sizes, shapes and colours, but this fine selection of rough gemstones gives you a good impression of the enormous variety of worldwide gemstones from our factory.

    Thanks to the close relationships with countries of origin, mines and miners, that has been set up over the decades, we are able to offer you these colorful gemstones in high quality.

  • Precious Stones - Cut Gemstones

    In this gallery we are presenting a selection of cut gemstones in different colours and of different origin. Rose quartz, peridot and tansanite cut as cabochons and necklaces with shining moonstones are a few examples of high precision cut gemstones from our cutting factory in Kirschweiler.

    Cut with modern machines and wealth of experience - Precision in all aspects is our highest priority!

    Whether single or calibrated gemstones, we cut according to your wishes and requirements. Please feel free to contact us!

    • Gemstone Necklace - Sunstone

      Gemstone Necklace - Sunstone

    • Cabochon - Mandarin Garnet

      Mandarin Garnet - Cabochon

    • Cabochon - Precious Opal

      Cabochon - Precious Opal

    • Cut Gemstones - Moonstone (Teardrops)

      Cut Gemstones - Moonstone (Teardrops)

    • Gemstone Necklace - Moonstone

      Gemstone Necklace - Moonstone

    • Cabochon - Rose Quartz

      Cut Gemstone - Citrine (Cabochon)

    • Cabochon - Rose Quartz

      Cut Gemstone - Rose Quartz (Cabochon)

    • Gemstone Necklace - Tansanite

      Gemstone Necklace - Tansanite

    • Rutilated Quartz - Cabochon

      Cabochon - Rutilated Quartz

    • Cut Gemstones - Rose Quartz

      Teardrops - Rose Quartz

    • Facetted Gemstone - Citrine

      Facetted Gemstone - Citrine

    • Necklace with Gemstones - Moonstone

      Necklace with Moonstones

    • Tansanite - Cabochon

      Tansanite - Cabochon

  • Gemstone Cutting Factory - Gebrüder Meelis (Kirscheiler/Idar-Oberstein)

    Gemstone Cutting Factory - Colored Gemstones as Single Cabochons and in Calibrated Sizes, Gemstone Necklaces

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  • Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis - Cabochons, Necklaces, Gemstone Cutting Service
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