Our Gemstone Cutting Factory
A long-established company from Kirschweiler (Germany)

Gemstone Cutting Factory "Gebrüder Meelis" from Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein

  • Gemstone Cutting Factory Gebrüder Meelis - Gemstones from Kirschweiler
    Gemstone Cutting Factory "Gebrüder Meelis" from Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein
  • Precious Stones in Perfect Cuts and Colours

    Cabochons - Single and Calibrated Gemstones

    Gebrüder Meelis oHG from Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein in Germany is a gemstone cutting company, engaged in the distribution of rough and cut precious stones. Enthralled by the fascination of precious gemstones and following in the footsteps of our grandfather and great-grandfather, who also worked successfully as gemstone cutters in the early twentieth century, we established our own firm "Gebrüder Meelis oHG" in 1972. Started with high quality opals from Australia, now we offer a broad range of popular colored gemstones from all over the world. Here, we have specialized in particular in the precise cutting of cabochons. Now in its fifth generation, the mixture of traditions and changes, duration and development, conservatism and innovations is the base for our continuously growing gemstone business.

    All our gemstones are cut using state-of-the-art technologies, tools, methods and processes. These gemstones cut in Germany are unique treasures from the hands of highly trained and experienced craftsmen.

  • The wide range of our gemstones cut in different sizes and shapes is not only presented in our showroom in Kirschweiler, but also at important mineral and gem fairs in Germany, Switzerland and France. There you have the chance to meet us - Come and see our fine selection of colored gemstones!

    A profound knowledge of rough precious gems and the direct and fair trade with local miners guarantees our customers a consistently high quality of our gemstones.

    Not at least we are a member of the ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association) and the continuing education and deepening of our knowledge enables us to be a globally competent partner in all aspects of high precision gem cutting.

    Experience, competence and our demand for the highest possible quality is what makes us stand out!

  • Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelsi - Gemstones Cut in Germany
    Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis - Member of the "International Colored Gemstone Association"
  • In our gemstone cutting factory in Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein we work with the following gemstones:
    Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Tanzanite, Lapis-Lazuli, Blue Topaz in "London Blue", "Sky Blue" und "Swiss Blue", Rhodolithe, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Opal and Aquamarine.

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  • Gemstone Cutting Factory - Gebrüder Meelis (Kirscheiler/Idar-Oberstein)

    Gemstone Cutting Factory - Colored Gemstones as Single Cabochons and in Calibrated Sizes, Gemstone Necklaces

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    Email Address - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis Email: Gebr-Meelis@t-online.de
    Phone - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis Phone: +49 6781 33319
    Fax - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis Fax: +49 6781 35417

    Gebrüder Meelis oHG
    Hauptstraße 22
    55743 Kirschweiler (Idar-Oberstein) GERMANY

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    Business Hours - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
    Business Hours - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Saturday: 8am - 2pm
    Business Hours - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Sunday: Closed

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    Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis