Gemstone Cutting Workshop - Gebrüder Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Gemstones - Cabochons

Gemstone Cutting Workshop - Gebrüder Meelis

Single and Calibrated Cut of Gemstones

Cabochons - Single Stones and Serial Cut

Quality "Made in Germany"

Cabochons and Necklaces

Cut Gemstones - Faceted Gems and Teardrops

Gemstones - Cut to Perfection

Precise and Efficient Work

Edelsteine - Facettenschliff und Pampeln

Gemstone Cutting Factory "Gebrüder Meelis"

Cabochons - Calibrated Gemstones

  • Gemstone Cutting Factory

    The gemstone cutting factory "Gebrüder Meelis" is a long-established German company from Kirschweiler near the gem cutter's city Idar-Oberstein. Whether single stones or calibrated cut of gemstones, we work precise and time efficient!

  • Selection of Rough Gemstones

    Gemstones - Selected Rough Stones

  • Gemstone Cutting

    Gemstone Cutting Workshop - Precise Cut of Single and Calibrated Gemstones

  • Cut Gemstone - Tansanite

    Cut Gemstones - Cabochons

  • Experience, competence and our demand for the highest possible quality is what makes us stand out! Claus Meelis

  • GemstonesGemstone - Rough and cut stones (Cutting Service)
    Gemstones & Gem Cutting Service

Gemstone - High Precision Cut
Cabochons - Calibrated Gemstones
Jewellery with Gemstones - Necklace with Moonstone.
  • Gemstone Cutting Factory - Gebrüder Meelis (Kirscheiler/Idar-Oberstein)

    Gemstone Cutting Factory - Colored Gemstones as Single Cabochons and in Calibrated Sizes, Gemstone Necklaces

  • Contact

    Email Address - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis Email:
    Phone - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis Phone: +49 6781 33319
    Fax - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis Fax: +49 6781 35417

    Gebrüder Meelis oHG
    Hauptstraße 22
    55743 Kirschweiler (Idar-Oberstein) GERMANY

  • Business Hours

    Business Hours - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
    Business Hours - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Saturday: 8am - 2pm
    Business Hours - Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis (Kirschweiler/Idar-Oberstein) Sunday: Closed

  • Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis - Cabochons, Necklaces, Gemstone Cutting Service
    Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis